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This is my personal website. Below are some details about it.

Who am I?

My name is António Manuel Dias. I was born in 1966 at Porto, Portugal, and currently live in the southern suburbs of Lisbon. For further details about me or any question, correction, request, or tip about the website, you may contact me by email at ammdias[at] Please use OpenPGP whenever possible: let's help keep the privacy of Internet communications!

What can you find here?

Content created by me, mainly. What type of content? In the downloads page there's some "serious" work, like some of my computer programs source code. There is also a "journal" (a.k.a. blog) where I intend to put everything else: thoughts, opinions, episodes of real life, stories and maybe even photos, drawings, movies, audio tracks... As I once wrote somewhere else, "bits about life, sampled and hashed for the sanity (or the lack of it) of my mind". I like to write, I need to write, and this and all the other stuff I make should be kept in a place where someone can see, copy and make some use of it.

Text will mostly be written in International English, but some may also be written in Portuguese, because some of the content will only make sense for Portuguese speaking people. If the need arises, other languages may be used.

I will try to keep pictures, movies and audio tracks in free, open and widely available formats, so that everyone can access and use them. I use only HTML 5 here, so that you only need a recent browser to view all the site's content.

Technicalities and legalities

All content is freely available under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise explicitly stated. Computer programs/source code are made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License, unless the source says something different. This generally means you may copy, use and alter everything you get here. You may even distribute it or the altered content if you say where you got it and use the same license, giving others the same rights you get.

The web site is hosted at home using free software and off the shelf hardware. As I am the only maintainer, this means that sometimes it may go down inexplicably and take a long time to come up again. That's life. All software not freely available in the Internet is made by me (you may find some bits of it in the downloads page).


OpenPGP is a standard for email and file encryption using Public Key Infrastructure. There are several clients and plugins to allow its use in Windows, MacOs, iOS, Linux and Android. I use the Gnome Evolution and GnuPG to compose, sign, encrypt and decrypt my email, but there is a lot of software to choose from. A good and portable starting point may be Mozilla Thunderbird.

My public key is found in the usual servers but you can also download it here:

The key fingerprint is: 1E43 5EE2 1D1E 8C36 6390 8899 CD28 DBF6 7695 5988.

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